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Successful change occurs by addressing the whole, encompassing both tangible outcomes and the human aspect of change, considering both visible and underlying dynamics, and acknowledging short- and long-term impacts.

BLOZM focuses on (leadership) teams and organizations that are ready to embark on a transformation journey and recognize that the key to success lies in addressing the whole.

In the rapidly changing and complex environment you work in, you see that what has always worked in the past is no longer sufficient. You want to transform to be able to respond to all these changes in a timely manner, but many of the employees, teams, or leadership do not see the need or urgency, or they are not willing or ready to embrace the transformation. As a result, progress is slow, and opportunities are missed.


You want to get everyone moving so that they can contribute with passion and creativity to the opportunities and challenges ahead. You want everyone to embrace the direction you are heading and work together on relevant solutions to deliver more value to your customers faster. You don't want this to be a one-time outcome, but rather a new way of working together, where teams and individuals continue to contribute from their own strengths and responsibilities.


Does this sound familiar?



We create movement by enabling everyone to grow from where they currently stand, empowering them to make valuable contributions based on their strengths and creativity, all rooted in a deep understanding of where the organization is heading and why it is transforming. We believe that genuine connection and openness create the context necessary for lasting movement and growth. BLOZM facilitates the initiation of significant transformation within your organization based on this connection and openness.


"First connect then lead"

We work from the human side on the necessary change initiatives. Our key to success lies in creating the right context. We believe that genuine connection and openness create the context needed for lasting growth and change. Only when you (as an organization, team, or individual) are genuinely open about what is going well or not, what you know or do not know yet, and be yourself at all times, can you together build the insight needed to undergo a significant transformation and achieve results. We create an environment in which openness, transparency, and vulnerability are given space and attention, thus fostering true connection based on trust.


"Little seeds grow mighty trees"

When a transformation needs to be initiated, we understand what is necessary and possible, and translate this into an enticing perspective to ignite passion. Our strength lies in transforming this perspective into innovative ideas to shape the necessary changes and thereby achieve results. Together, we plant multiple seeds that ultimately result in firmly rooted innovation, enabling quicker value realization for your customers.

"Willingness to grow"

In addition to connection and openness, getting into motion trusting your own personal strengths is crucial for lasting change and transformational growth. We ensure that it's clear what goals you are heading for and why, so that individuals and teams experience the autonomy to determine how they move towards agreed-upon goals. We encourage a path of continuous learning and experimentation, so that ultimately everyone can independently sustain the initiated movement. And remember, the sooner we become redundant, the better the performance we have delivered!


We offer interim management to initiate transformation from within the organization or provide advice on (aspects of) your transformation and help guide it through a consultancy assignment.


My name is Mijke Loven, and even before my 30s, I took my first steps in a leadership role, where driving significant changes has always been a recurring theme in my career. I've continued to build upon my experience in management and change initiatives since then. In recent years, as a senior manager, I've led multiple digital transformations.

  • Are you in need of an experienced senior manager in the short term, someone capable of guiding one or more teams through a transformation while also continuing regular work and ambitions?

  • Do you want to initiate and/or further advance change from within the organization, and once significant progress is achieved, potentially fill the position permanently?

  • Or perhaps you already have a real talent at work, but there's a need to provide temporary replacement?

  • Is the focus on cultural change, on together altering the way of working, process innovation, organizational restructuring, or the implementation and adoption of new technologies?


Or perhaps it's a combination of the above?


I'm ready to step in!

BLOZM Shaping Transformational Growth


  • Are you and your organization or team(s) at the beginning of a transformation journey? Or have you been on this path for a while and want to take it further?

  • Do you find that you could benefit from advice and guidance for your leadership team and/or the teams that are in motion or need to get moving?

  • Do you require temporary coordination over the entire process until you're sufficiently in motion and equipped with the right tools to carry the change forward? 


That's exactly how I like to support an organization in the role of Transformation Lead! This could range from developing a vision and strategy with an inspiring perspective to overseeing the entire process of vision formation, approach, execution, and monitoring. Let's get together to assess your current position and determine where you want support to make progress.


I'm ready to step in!

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