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Psychological Safety

To let teams flourish and have them contribute with passion and creativity to the opportunities and challenges at hand, psychological safety is crucial. Psychological safety ensures that everyone in a team feels safe to take risks, feels supported by the team and the leader, dares to ask for help without fear, openly admits mistakes, and can be critical of their own performance and that of others. Everyone feels included, encouraged to voice their opinions and bring forth new ideas, and can openly discuss what went well and what didn't. It leads to improvements in ownership, collaboration, learning, creativity, and performance. This aligns perfectly with an environment of genuine connection and the openness required for growth and movement during change!

Good to know, but how can you achieve that? How can you create a safe environment?

In the introductory workshop 'Better Safe than Sorry,' we focus on team dynamics and self-reflection to stimulate psychological safety. By gaining insights into the impact of psychological safety on teams and their overall performance, you will learn how to use practical tools to start implementing safety in your workplace.  If you’re ready to take ownership and learn about this crucial topic, then this workshop is for you! 


If you're interested in this workshop or a customized workshop for your team, feel free to contact us directly.

The power of connecting
Check-In Questions!

At the beginning of a work session, workshop, or brainstorming session, it's pleasant for the group to focus their attention on the present moment. This allows you to proceed with a clear focus. A thoughtful Check-In question can assist in this process and offers an immediate opportunity to learn something (personal) about each other that you didn't know before. When done regularly, you'll notice that these bits of information gradually accumulate, fostering more connection and trust. With everyone being positively acknowledged, you promptly create a relaxed atmosphere of inclusivity and engagement.


For those who haven't done this before, the process is simple. The organizer or facilitator poses a Check-In question, and each person provides a brief answer. The order of responses is not relevant; what's important is actively listening to the speaker. Let everyone have a turn, and while answering, try not to overthink. There's no right or wrong response. Once everyone has participated, you can proceed with the meeting.

Would you like to begin your meetings with a Check-In question? Below you can find a lot of inspiring questions!

Connect and BLOZM together!

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