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BLOZM provides Interim Transformation Management and Consultancy services to organizations and teams with a societal purpose that are actively embracing change and have a willingness to step out of their comfort zones, learn, and continuously grow. This includes organizations with a societal impact such as healthcare, transportation, energy, education, and sustainability. We offer support through Interim Management, either to kickstart your transformation from within the organization or through advisory and assistance regarding (aspects of) the transformation in the form of a consultancy engagement.


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Process support

We offer a tailored approach that depends on your current stage of transformation. Since no two situations are identical, we thoroughly assess what is necessary and feasible.


What comes to mind?

  • Identifying the need for change and its necessity (need for change)

  • Assessing the current level of (digital) maturity (maturity scan)

  • Formulating and disseminating a vision, strategy, and compelling outlook (where to and why)

  • Developing a transformation approach, implementing it, and overseeing progress (transformation strategy)

Support in sub-areas of transformation

A transformation can consist of many different facets through which you aim to achieve substantial change.


In what areas can we provide support?

  • Culture change

  • Leadership development

  • Change in the way of working together

  • Process innovation

  • Organizational change, restructuring, and team development

  • Technological innovation & adoption

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