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My name is Mijke Loven

I have a passion for initiating change in individuals, teams, and organizations. And not just any change, but a profound change, often referred to as a transformation. There's nothing more fulfilling than achieving a fundamental shift in perception, thinking, and understanding, which leads to a situation no longer being viewed in the 'old' way, but rather a new perspective becoming natural and inherent.

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Senior Interim Manager & Transformation Lead

BLOZM means ‘Bewust met Lef Open Zijn Moves’ in Dutch, meaning ‘Being brave and open creates conscious shifts’. For me, this encapsulates the precise context required to evolve towards a new presence. Drawing from my years of experience in various leadership roles, this is the environment I create to guide organizations, teams, and individuals through a transition. When an organizational transition needs to be initiated, I observe what's necessary and feasible and translate it into a compelling perspective. I derive a lot of energy from transforming this perspective into innovative ideas to shape the change and achieve tangible outcomes. I approach the required change initiatives from the people side of change.

My experience has primarily been built within the area of IT, but it extends far beyond that due to my broad involvement in driving changes across diverse organizations. Ideally, you would want to work in a dynamic environment within organizations that serve a societal purpose, such as healthcare, transportation, energy, education, and sustainability. I thrive within teams that are in constant development and share a willingness, much like myself, to step out of their comfort zones, learn, and continuously grow. Commitment and autonomy are crucial, and you can expect the same from me.


I'm ready to step in as a Senior Interim Manager to initiate your transformation from within the organization, or I can serve as a Transformation Lead, providing advise on (aspects of) the transformation and guiding it as a consult. I've gained extensive experience in both of these capacities in recent years.


Curious about how I've built this experience?

Here's a concise overview. Feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile as well.


I'm always open to discussing possibilities together!


"Leading teams"

Over 20 years ago, I gained my first leadership experience in the media industry at RTL Nederland as the Manager of RTV Planning. Since then, I've had the opportunity to expand my expertise across various organizations, including roles as Regional Manager, Manager of Account Services, Team Lead for Information Management, and Senior Manager of Asset IT Services. My most recent experience was at Schiphol Group as the Senior Manager of Business Platform Employee & IT Project Delivery. In this position, I held the overall responsibility for diverse teams delivering both generic and specific workplaces, as well as digital services to employees and staff departments. Additionally, I was in charge of the customer teams executing all capital-intensive IT & Data projects for Schiphol (100 FTE, 8 direct reports).


What characterizes my experience as a leader?

  • Motivated, creative, and inspiring.

  • Strategic and analytical. Able to translate direction into clear actions and challenging objectives.

  • 360-degree leadership; perceptively aware of ongoing needs and issues.

  • Experienced in recognizing and addressing undercurrents.

  • Identifies opportunities more readily than threats during challenges and capitalizes on them.

  • Provides people-centered leadership with openness and courage.

  • Proficient in creating safe zones for teams and fostering a trusting environment for taking individual initiative and ownership.

"Lead departmental digital change"

In recent years, I've worked with great enthusiasm on various changes together with my teams. On one hand, changes driven by the opportunities presented by technological advancements, and on the other, by the necessity to deliver value to our customers more quickly and efficiently. Here are a few examples:

  • Transitioning existing DevOps teams into new Business Platform Teams, integrating resources from business, digital, IT, and long-term Programs.

  • Facilitating self-organizing teams and navigating the evolving role of leadership.

  • Developing teams in agile ways of working, including initiating and leading a multidisciplinary change team. This involved process facilitation, monitoring using an agile maturity model, crafting a compelling story, and managing stakeholders.

  • Enhancing the learning and feedback culture.

  • Shifting to a hybrid work model at Schiphol: transitioning to activity-focused working in a modern, secure, cloud-based work environment.

  • Implementing various technological innovations, such as creating a future-proof cloud-based financial landscape, Robotic Process Automation, using Virtual Reality for employee onboarding, implementing data-driven maintenance, and adopting Building Information Modeling.

  • Increasing Cyber Resilience as part of a Cyber Security Program.

"Lead cross departmental digital transformation"

In addition to driving changes within my teams, I've also had the privilege of initiating and leading various transformations that extended beyond my own teams, impacting the entirety of IT, digital, and the business, as part of Schiphol's digital transformation towards becoming a "Tech Company." Here are a few examples:

  • Led the "IT Anywhere" initiative. Developed and implemented a forward-looking vision for extensive IT-business integration. Shifted the reporting line from CIO to Business Directors. Led a transition team with diverse "digital switch teams," executed the transition strategy, managed stakeholders, and devised/implemented innovative supportive concepts.

  • Developed a vision and new IT Operating Model aligned with extensive business integration.

  • Integrated IT Project Delivery with Schiphol Projects using Appreciative Inquiry.

  • Established and organized collaboration between business and data teams through "embedded data teams."

  • Phased out middle management through the implementation of a new leadership model, with ‘people, process, and content leads’ facilitating teams.

  • Established guilds and restructured project portfolio management.

Education & training


UNLP - Institute for Personal Development & Communication 

NLP Certified Practitioner


People Side of Change

Certified Prosci Change Practitioner



Digital Leadership Program


Schiphol (in house)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


University of Amsterdam

MSc Mass Communication


TPLA - Shifts Happen

Transformational Presence Leadership in Action

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